Rivian's Free XPEL STEALTH PPF Promotion This April May Just Be The Beginning

Rivian seems to be supporting paint protection film (PPF) wraps for the R1T and R1S, so much so that the company actually rolled out a special promotion for the upgrade this April. Photos shared by the company of R1 vehicles wrapped in XPEL STEALTH PPF show that the all-electric pickup truck and SUV look really good with a wrap. 

Rivian’s PPF promotion in April covered select configurations of R1T and R1S that were ordered during the month. While the promotion was only available in select colors and while it only covered customers from the United States and Canada, it did offer XPEL STEALTH PPF for free. That’s a notable a deal worth several thousands of dollars.  

Based on the available inventory units in Rivian’s website as of writing, it seems like a good number of customers opted for the promotion. Observations from Rivian followers online suggested that the number of inventory R1 units covered by the promotion has declined notably by the end of the month. Rivian Trackerin a post on X, also noted that after April, PPF for the R1T and R1S would cost around $5,000.  

XPEL STEALTH is a perfect fit for the Rivian R1T and R1S. As noted by XPEL, its STEALTH PPF wrap would protect the R1T and R1S’ paint against rock chips, scratches, and environmental debris found on and off- road. That’s a big benefit as both the R1T and R1S are designed to be serious adventure vehicles that could take on the most challenging off-road conditions.  

“The PPF's self-healing properties will vanish minor scratches and swirl marks when exposed to heat, helping maintain a flawless appearance during daily use. STEALTH also provides excellent UV resistance to prevent fading with minimal maintenance,” XPEL wrote in a blog post about Rivian’s April offer

Considering the promotion that Rivian rolled out this April, it would not be surprising if the company starts featuring wraps as part of its vehicle options. Wraps are a great way to personalize your vehicle, after all, and they also add the benefit of protecting them from the elements. 

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