Rivian Charging Reliability Scores: What You Need To Know

Rivian launched its Charging Reliability Score system with its update 2024.11.02. With the system in place, Rivian drivers can get up-to-date information about electric vehicle chargers in their route. This allows drivers to strategize their charging stops, and it fosters a more pleasant travel experience. 

Here's what you need to know about Rivian's Charging Reliability Scores

  • Industry-First Charging Scores: Rivian rolled out a first-of-its-kind feature that displays charging scores for fast chargers, right inside your R1T and R1S. These scores are based on real-world data from fellow Rivian drivers, and they tell drivers how reliable a charger is in terms of speed, payment success, and overall functionality.
  • Smarter Trip Planning: Rivian will factor in charging reliability scores when calculating the best route with 2024.11.02. This means you'll be guided to the most dependable fast chargers along the way, ensuring an stress-free journey.
  • Understanding the Scores: When you plug into a fast charger, your Rivian collects data like average charging speed, payment success rates, and overall session success. Once enough Rivian drivers have used a particular charger, a score from A (highest reliability) to F (lowest) will be assigned to the location.
  • Finding the Best Chargers: You can easily see charging scores on your Rivian App, vehicle's center display, or within trip plans. You'll also find details like network name, maximum charging speed, real-time charger availability, and even pricing information.
  • Maximizing Your Charging Experience: Rivian's navigation system prioritizes high-scoring charging stations whenever possible. However, if you're venturing off the beaten path, lower-scoring options might appear if they're the best available.
  • Payment Tips: Remember to link a valid payment method to your Rivian account for seamless charging at the Rivian Adventure Network, Tesla Superchargers, and other compatible networks with plug-and-charge functionality. Networks without plug-and-charge might have lower scores due to potential payment issues.

The more Rivian drivers use different fast-charging sites, the faster the company can build a comprehensive network of reliable charging options for everyone. So next time you plug in, you're not just charging your Rivian – you're helping us build a better charging future for all Rivian drivers!

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