Rivian listed as US' 5th-ranked electric vehicle maker in Q1 2024

Rivian is gaining ground in the United States’ electric vehicle sector. During the first quarter of 2024, Rivian commanded 5.1% of the US’ EV market share. This effectively made Rivian the fifth-ranked EV maker in the country. 

A graphic of the US’ Q1 2024 EV market share was recently shown by CNBC. According to the news outlet’s graphic, Tesla currently leads the pack with 52.3% of the market. In second place is Hyundai/Kia with 9.3%. Ford came in third with 7.5%, and GM came in fourth with a 6.1% market share. Following GM is Rivian at fifth place, with a proud and well-deserved 5.1% market share. 

Rivian’s rank is especially impressive if one were to remember that the five companies shown in CNBC’s list (shoutout to @RivianTrackr on X) are not the only companies selling electric cars in the United States. Veteran automakers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, and even Toyota have entered the US’ battery electric vehicle segment with their own EVs. All of them were beaten by Rivian, a company that only produced its 100,000th vehicle in early April 2024. 

That’s a very big accomplishment, and it highlights the progress that Rivian has made over the years. Rivian is quickly emerging as one of the United States’ most loved car brandsThis was highlighted earlier this year when the electric truck maker came out on top of Consumer Reports’ owner satisfaction survey. During the poll, 86% of Rivian owners told the magazine that they would definitely buy another Rivian in the future. 

Things may only get better for Rivian once the R2, R3, and R3X enter production. The next-generation EVs are designed for the mass market, so the community of Rivian owners will likely see substantial growth. Think of how the number of Tesla owners exploded once the Model 3 was properly ramped.

When that happens, there’s a pretty good chance that Rivian won’t just be the US’ 5th-ranked electric vehicle maker. 

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