Rivian announces 2024 Investor Day schedule

 Rivian set its 2024 Investor Day for June 27, 2024, at 8 AM CDT. The company’s webcast link will be posted closer to the event. 

Rivian has changed several plans since the last Investor Day, so it will be interesting to see how this year’s general meeting pans out. 

The electric vehicle manufacturer released its production and delivery report in April 2024. By the end of March 31, 2024, Rivian produced 13,980 vehicles at its manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois, and delivered approximately 13,588 electric vehicles (EVs). 

On May 7, 2024, Rivian released its first-quarter financial results. In Q1 2024, Rivian’s gross profit per vehicle delivered was $38,784. The company reported that its gross profit per vehicle delivered was negatively impacted by $9,346 due to supplier costs and other costs related to new technology and parts integration in the R1 platform. 

Rivian conducted a retooling upgrade at its Normal, Illinois Plant in the first quarter and expects significant improvements in material and conversion costs for its R1 vehicles. Rivian will likely implement the lessons it learned from R1T and R1S production in its R2, R3, and R3X assembly lines

“First-quarter results exceeded our outlook and set a strong foundation for the remainder of the year as we focus on continued demand generation, delivering cost and plant efficiency improvements, advancing R2 development, and driving towards profitability. 

"We hit several milestones this quarter, including producing our 100,000th vehicle in Normal, successfully navigating the retooling upgrade, and unveiling our new midsize platform, which underpins the R2, R3, and R3X. It is great to see the incredible support for our brand and upcoming products,” said Rivian Founder and CEO RJ Scaringe.

Earlier this month, Rivian received a $827 million incentive package from the state of Illinois to improve its Normal EV production facility. The improvements to Rivian’s Normal EV Plant would likely help the company expand its assembly lines for R2 production. Rivian plans to start R2 production in Normal, Illinois, and manufacture the affordable EV in Georgia, too.

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