Rivian Apple Partnership Speculations: What Could They Be Planning?

Rivian and Apple are allegedly discussing a potential partnership. Rumors of a potential collaboration between Rivian and Apple spread from supply chain sources.  

Unfortunately, the rumors have not provided specific details about Rivian and Apple's partnership discussions. However, a collaboration between the two companies has a lot of potential. 

Apple was developing an electric vehicle (EVs) up until January 2024. Unfortunately, by February of this year, Apple allegedly stopped developing EVs so it could focus on artificial intelligence (AI). 

Rivian R1T

Rivian's R1 vehicles and its next-generation R2 and R3 vehicles might benefit from Apple's AI technology. Since Tesla is pushing hard to develop AI technology, other automakers have started investing more in artificial intelligence. For instance, Hyundai is collaborating with China's Baidu to develop autonomous software and AI. 

Besides Apple's AI for electric vehicles, Rivian may also be considering the tech giant's potential in-vehicle entertainment offerings, like Apple Music or Apple TV+. Earlier this year, a spec sheet sent to a fleet customer hinted that Rivian is planning to significantly upgrade the infotainment systems in its vehicles by supporting more video streaming, gaming, and internet browser features. The upgrades may pave the way for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in Rivian vehicles. 

Everything is speculation until more information is shared about Apple and Rivian's discussions. So, take everything with a grain of salt. 

As we delve into the realm of possibilities, what innovative products or services do you envision from a Rivian and Apple partnership? Share your thoughts with us.

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