Rivian receives $827M to expand Normal, Illinois Factory

Rivian received $827 million to expand its factory in Illinois. The $827 million incentive package is from the state of Illinois' Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. 

According to the state of Illinois, Rivian's $827 million incentive package will support the infrastructure buildout of the company's Normal EV production facility. Rivian plans to expand its Normal Plant in Illinois to increase production capacity. The electric vehicle (EV) startup will need to increase production capacity at the Normal Plant since it decided to assemble its next-gen EV, the R2, in Illinois instead of Georgia.  

“We are grateful for this investment from the State of Illinois and for the leadership of Governor Pritzker, President Harmon, and Speaker Welch. The support from the state will allow us to quickly bring our midsize SUV, R2, to market and provide even greater consumer choice for EVs. Governor Pritzker has always been a strong advocate for providing economic opportunities for Illinois residents and business owners alike. We look forward to continuing our close partnership and building upon the success we have enjoyed," said Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe.

Rivian's highly anticipated R2 is set to hit the market with a starting price of $45,000, a competitive range comparable to the Tesla Model Y. The company is aiming to commence R2 deliveries by the second half of 2026, a timeline that underscores its commitment to delivering on its promises. 

Rivian plans to start R2 production in Normal, Illinois. It eventually plans to bring R2 production to Georgia as well. Following the R2's unveiling, Rivian delayed construction plans for its Georgia plant. However, Tony Sanger—Rivian's Vice President of Production Facilities—said that R2 and R3 vehicles will eventually be built in Georgia

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