Rivian owners to receive Tesla NACS adapters soon

Rivian owners will receive Tesla NACS adapters soon. The electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer announced updates about Tesla Supercharger access for its customers.

“Supercharger access is coming to Rivian—that’s 15,000 more fast chargers for Rivian owners across North America. In March, we’ll be adding Supercharger sites to our vehicle and app trip planner with adapter shipments to owners starting soon after. Start planning your road trips!” Rivian said in an X post.


Tesla made a similar announcement with Elon Musk welcoming other EV automakers to the “NACS coalition.” Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E will be the first EVs to gain access to the Supercharger Network with NACS adapters. Besides Rivian, EVs from General Motors, Volvo, and Polestar will join the NACS coalition next month.

In June 2023, Rivian announced that it signed an agreement with Tesla to adopt its North American Charging Standard or NACs. At the time, it was estimated that access to Tesla’s Supercharger Network would start by spring 2024. It seems Rivian’s estimate was right on the money.

Rivian’s Tesla NACS adoption was received well by customers. Rivian owners were pleased to learn that they would gain access to more electric vehicle charging sites.