Rivian Owner Reviews on Tesla Superchargers with NACS

Rivian and Tesla officially launched NACS connectors so R1 owners can access Superchargers across the United States and Canada. Rivian owners have shared pleasant reviews of Tesla Superchargers so far.

“This was super easy to use. All I did was plug in the adaptor and plug it into the Rivian, and I didn’t open any additional apps. It just worked,” commented Jenna Ezarik while testing Tesla NACS at a Supercharger stall.

Many other Rivian owners who received Tesla NACS connectors early had similar experiences with Superchargers. Some emphasized the vast difference between non-Tesla fast chargers and Superchargers with NACS, highlighting the incompatibility and challenges they’ve experienced from other EV charging companies.

Rivian has made the transition easy for R1 owners. The company has updated the software for Rivian R1 EVs so it shows all the information drivers need to know while charging, including the price and charging time.

In a press release published last week, Rivian announced that its vehicles are now compatible with the Tesla Supercharger Network. Following Rivian’s announcement and the initial excitement of R1 owners, Tesla executive Rohan Patel explained that over 16,000 out of 20,000+ Supercharger stalls are open to non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVS).

Some Supercharger stations do not cater to non-Tesla EVs. Rivian has made it easy for R1 owners to find which Superchargers are open to them through their navigation system.

With Tesla Supercharger access, Rivian owners can travel further distances. Longer distances mean more adventures. 

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