Rivian owners turn to A2Z Typhoon adaptor for Tesla Supercharger access

Rivian owners are eager to hit the road now that they can access the Tesla Supercharger Network. R1 owners can’t wait for their NACS adaptors from Rivian and are turning to the A2Z Typhoon adaptor.

Select Tesla Superchargers were opened to Rivian R1 owners in the United States and Canada earlier this month. Rivian drivers can access 16,000 of 20,000+ Tesla Superchargers across the U.S. and Canada. 

Rivian stated that NACS DC adapters will initially be needed to access Tesla Superchargers. It plans to start shipping free NACS DC adapters to Rivian R1 owners by spring 2024, which seems a little too late for some. 

“Hello all, It looks like it will be a while until I receive that free Rivian adapter to be used at Tesla charging stations, and I need to go on a trip in 3 weeks. So, I’m looking at 3rd third-party marketplace to buy a NACS to CCS adapter for my Rivian R1S. Any good recommendation in this regard? Highly appreciated,” asked R1 owner Dizer in the Rivian owners forum

A few of his fellow R1 owners recommended purchasing an A2Z Typhoon adaptor for his trip. Like Dizer, a few Rivian owners have purchased an A2Z Typhoon adaptor for their upcoming trips, unable to wait for their free NACS adaptor from Rivian. 

“I ordered one yesterday because I need it for a trip coming in late April, and I have no confidence the Rivian/Tesla-sourced model will show up any sooner,” commented Mikehmb in another Rivian forum thread. 

A few R1 owners have reviewed the A2Z Typhoon adaptors and recommended them to other Rivian drivers. The adaptor has been proven to work well with Tesla Supercharger stalls as long as the vehicle is authorized to work with the charging network. 

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