Rivian R1T Is Coming Back To Pikes Peak To Beat Its Own Record

Electric vehicles have been buzzing their way up Pikes Peak for years! The "Race to the Clouds" has seen all sorts of EVs since Joe Ball took his souped-up Fiat on the course back in 1981. Technology has come a long way, too – times have gone from over 30 minutes to under 8 minutes for the fastest run!

And as per Rivian in a recent post on social media platform X, Sr. Performance Test Engineer Gardner Nichols will be returning to this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in his Rivian R1T. The electric vehicle maker noted in its post that Gardner would be returning to Pikes Peak this year to beat his own record, which he set last year in his personal R1T. 

Electric trucks have taken a crack at Pikes Peak's 156-turn challenge in the past, but none were production vehicles – until last year. Gardner Nichols, a Rivian engineer who dreamed of conquering the mountain in his personal Rivian R1T pickup, took on the dangerous hill climb, and set a record in the process!

Gardner’s Rivian R1T was in the Exhibition division, which means that it wasn't a full-blown race vehicle. He kept things pretty stock, just adding some beefier DOT-approved Pirelli tires and different brake pads. But the heart of the beast was still the awesome Rivian R1T, packing 835 horsepower with its four electric motors and hydraulic cross-linked adaptive dampers.

During his climb last year, Gardner was able to drive his Rivian R1T to the summit of Pikes Peak with a time of 11:23.983. That’s not too bad at all, especially considering the fact that the Rivian R1T is a 7,100-pound vehicle. However, the climb could have been better, with Gardner stating that his battery temperature climbed higher than he expected. 

Thus, during the course of the climb, he had to temper his driving to avoid the R1T’s battery overheating. Rivian has improved the R1T since Gardner took on Pikes Peak last year, so this time around, the all-electric pickup truck may be able to complete the treacherous hike climb without forcing Gardner to drive conservatively. If it does, the record that Rivian will likely set this year will probably be very hard to beat.  

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