Rivian Pays It Forward By Opening Its Adventure Network To Other EVs

Rivian seems to be paying it forward when it comes to sharing public electric vehicle charging systems. According to the company in a press release, the latest iteration of the Rivian Adventure Network will be compatible with most non-Rivian electric cars. 

Rivian’s new Adventure Network stalls include a new charger that can accommodate a wider range of electric vehicles. The company unveiled a prototype of its new charger, which is taller and includes a longer cable to accommodate pretty much all electric vehicles in North America today, regardless of where their charging port is located. 

Rivian’s new chargers will offer rapid charging to both 400 and 800-volt packs and feature CCS connectors with support for North American Charging Standard (NACS)-equipped vehicles through an approved adapter. Native NACS support will be coming in a future hardware update. 

Every charger will also feature a large display and a tap-to-pay terminal so payments will be easy. Rivian drivers will continue to enjoy seamless authentication. 

Rivian’s new chargers are produced by the company at its Normal, Illinois plant. To date, the Rivian Adventure Network has demonstrated an uptime of over 98%. Paul Frey, Rivian Vice President of Battery, Charging, and Adventure Products, shared a comment about the update. 

“Rivian exists to address two specific needs, the electrification of our transportation system and supporting the transition of our power grid to carbon-free energy sources. By broadening access to our Rivian Adventure Network—powered by 100% renewable energy—we are supporting both of these critical goals while also encouraging more people to embark on their next adventure in an EV,” he said. 

Starting later this year, Rivian is looking to ensure that all new Adventure Network sites will be built using the company’s next-generation charger. Existing charging sites will be retrofitted with new chargers to accommodate EVs of different shapes and sizes. Where it is practical, trailer-friendly chargers that can accommodate vehicles that are towing will be built.

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