Rivian improves R1 infotainment system with YouTube and Google Cast capability

Rivian is upping the ante and improving its infotainment system with YouTube App access and Google Cast capability.  

“You’ll be able to stream high-definition video content with high-quality sound directly to your center display from both a native YouTube app in your vehicle and Cast-enabled apps on your phone or tablet,” said Rivian in an X post

Rivian’s R1 infotainment systems will soon support the YouTube App, enabling R1T and R1S owners to stream their favorite videos through the EVs’ 15-inch touchscreen and use its immersive audio system. 

Rivian R1 owners can also Google Cast apps from their Apple or Android smartphones or tablets—as long as the apps are Cast-enabled. 

“To begin, the EV must be parked for safety. Then, connect any phone or tablet to the vehicle’s WiFi hotspot and tap the Google Cast icon (seen in the featured image above) on your device’s screen. From there, you simply tap “Rivian” on the screen to begin the casting session, which will play your selected app’s video on the vehicle’s screen and across its sound system.

“You’ll then be able to control playback directly through the R1’s display while still being able to access other apps from your phone. However, if the vehicle is shifted into Drive mode, the video will pause automatically to ensure driver and passenger safety,” said Rivian. 

The EV company did not announce a specific date for the two new features. The YouTube App’s availability and Google Cast capability on Rivian R1 infotainment systems will launch via an over-the-air (OTA)update.

Rivian may have more surprises to announce about features coming to R1 infotainment systems. Earlier this month, rumors spread that Rivian and Apple were discussing a potential partnership. Some R1 customers speculated that Rivian might launch Apple Music or Apple TV+ in its infotainment system.

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