4 Hidden Rivian R1T Accessories You May Not Know You Have

When it comes to the Rivian R1T, innovation extends beyond its electric powertrain and rugged design. Explore four neat R1T accessories that seamlessly integrate into the Rivian pickup truck. 


Built-In Flashlight 

The Rivian R1T comes equipped with a built-in flashlight (aka the Rivian Torch) designed to illuminate your adventures easily. It offers three brightness settings and an output of up to 1,000 lumens. The Rivian Torch is located at the driver-side door.

Rivian's flashlight ensures visibility in various conditions. With up to 18 hours of battery life and rechargeable lithium batteries, you can rely on this handy accessory for extended use. Rivian included a charging stand, making recharging a breeze and ensuring your flashlight is always ready for action.


Hidden Bluetooth Camp Speaker

Nestled discreetly under the center console of the Rivian R1T is its Bluetooth Camp Speaker. With 32 Wh of battery capacity and a quick three-hour charge time, this speaker provides up to 6.5 hours of audio-only playtime. Easily lock and unlock the dock for the camp speaker through settings, offering added security and convenience. 

As an extra perk, Rivian's Camp Speaker doubles as a lantern, providing up to 3.5 hours of light at 60% brightness. Keep an eye out for future improvements, as Rivian is working on enhancing the R1T's speakers.


Rivian Air Compressor Kit (Optional)

Stored conveniently in the Gear Tunnel door, the Rivian Air Compressor Kit ensures you're prepared for any off-road excursion. With this kit, you can quickly inflate tires and easily handle emergencies, keeping your adventure on track.

The compressor kit includes the following items:

  • a 20ft hose with a hook-and-loop strap
  • tire sealant kit 
  • quick start guide 
  • air chuck with quick-disconnect fitting
  • inflation needles, fill valves, valve stem cap, deflate tube, fill adapter, and adapters
  • shredder valve, core, and tool to pull the core out.


Amazon Alexa Access

With Amazon Alexa integration, take control of your Rivian R1T's features and functions. By activating Alexa, you can effortlessly manage almost anything through the center display using voice commands. 

Whether you need to adjust vehicle settings or access media, Alexa offers convenient hands-free control. Plus, even without an Amazon account, Alexa supports basic vehicle controls and media playback, enhancing the connectivity and convenience of your Rivian R1T experience.

Each of the R1T accessories mentioned above enhances the pickup's functionality and increases its convenience without sacrificing space. The placements and functionality of each accessory reveal the time and forethought Rivian has put into the design of the R1T.

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